Apps and Programs Preinstalled on the HTC EVO 4G (Sprint and Others)

By now you already know about some of the apps that are going to come with your EVO 4G device. But, there’s actually a lot more that you’re not aware of. Yes, there will be the usual basic software that are for simple functions. And then, there are the nuisance ones like bloatware. Of course, those will never go away.

Finally, there are the lesser known apps that you may not have heard of. In any case, here’s a list of some of the apps and software that are preinstalled with the EVO 4G. This isn’t an exhaustive list which gives you an idea of how many programs are in there.

  • Camera
  • Clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Facebook
  • Mail
  • Internet
  • Gmail
  • Gallery
  • Youtube
  • Sprint Zone
  • Sprint TV
  • Sprint Hotspot
  • Quick Office
  • Qik
  • Weather
  • PDF Viewer
  • MP3 Store
  • Phone
  • Voice Dialer

As mentioned earlier some are your common apps that you’ll need from time to time. Others are just bloatware. And then there are a few of those that are from Sprint itself.

Bluetooth Keyboard on the HTC EVO

You’ve probably had those instances where you needed to type a lot of things. Or, if you’re like me, you prefer typing on a bigger keyboard rather than the small one on your phone.

Whichever the case may be, you’ll probably need a separate keyboard to get the job done. Sure, you can type messages on you HTC EVO 4G. But it’s not for everyone. Most of us have gotten used to the standard sized keyboards that we use regularly. So, this make us better at it. As a result, it’s not only more convenient to use them, you also spend less time because you can type faster.

The one solution to this problem is to set up a Bluetooth keyboard and sync it with your HTC EVO 4G. This will allow you to use your keyboard along with your phone. In case you’re not aware of it, you can also connect your mouse to your phone and use that to select and navigate.

But, it’s important to make sure you properly set one device up first before going on to the next. I speak from experience. Setting them up together takes some figuring out because one device the latest one you install may just kick the older connected bluetooth device out. It’s not to say that they aren’t compatible. Nor is it that they can’t run together. But, you do need to figure out the kinks to get them to work.

Another issue with the setup is that depending on the brand of keyboard, or other accessory you plan to connect, the steps may be different. This means that now all the steps will be the same. It will vary based on the type of accessory and the brand you want to connect, although the basic principles are the same.

Now, lets get on to connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your HTC EVO 4G phone.

Begin by going to your main menu and tapping on settings. From there, choose wireless & settings to go into your connections.

The next step is to select Bluetooth settings.

At this point you have the choice of initiating the connection from your phone or your Bluetooth device. If you start from your handset, click on Scan for Devices.

One it discovers a possible match, it will make a Bluetooth Pairing request. This means you’ll now need to enter the pass key on both the devices to make the pair successful.

If you entered the correct ones, you’ll see the connection made and both devices are paired.

This will let you start typing using your regular keyboard onto your HTC EVO 4G.

Sprint Mobile Hotspot Review Running On HTC EVO 4G

In today segment we take a look at the Sprint Mobile Hotspot and how it works out for the box for the HTC EVO 4G. The service has been included into the popular handset to give it hotspot capability. Sprint Mobile is currently priced at $29.99 per month.

As you all know the update to the Android OS is about to come out. Version 2.2 also known as Frooyo will probably come with the same features already installed into the system. But, what versions will be made available to the public.

We all know that things can change and distributors may add or remove certain apps and feature depending on what suits them best. So, we’ll have to see what comes out it.

In this review we take a close look at the mobile hotspot app offered by Sprint. This is a fairly straightforward service that’s easy to install. That’s a good thing.

From there all you need to is figure out the settings. The enabled hotspot of course will require a password and an SSID. In addition, it will be need to be secure. For that it will let you select from the different types around. This is somewhat similar to the options you get when setting up your router.

Two other features you’ll need to decide on is how many users can connect. And, it also lets you whitelist users to block off other users.

This requires a bit of thinking on your part since you’ll need to decide on the main settings. But once you’ve entered them you’ll start seeing the different Wi-Fi connections that are available. Here you’ll be able to choose the IP you want to latch onto.

If you have 4G, you’ll quickly see that as well.

Speed looks good for both 3G and 4G services. Which one you use will depend on what type of network service is available from where you are.

One of the things we’ve also noticed that is it automatically detects whether you’re active or not. After 15 minutes of inactivity it will take you out of the network.

Overall, this looks like a good service. Speed looks good and installation is a breeze. There isn’t much by way of hanging or anything confusing. Setting up the hotspot service was simple and straightforward.

20 tips to improve HTC EVO 4G battery life

Like all phones out there, the HTC EVO 4G consumes a good amount of battery. You can expect this as phones come with more and more features. So, in order to maximize battery life, we’ve come up with a few tips.

Before getting into the tips, it’s important to figure out which of the apps and functions are taking the most battery off your phone. This allows you to focus your efforts on the biggest sources of drainage. Doing so allows you to spend more time with your phone before having to plug it back in for charging.

Another note to consider is that battery consumption offers better user interaction. This means the more you try to save on battery, the lower your user experience will likely be. To make the most out of your battery’s charge life, you’re going to have to compromise things like screen quality and brightness. You’ll also have to give up some speed as well as some wireless features.

If you aren’t willing to give up these things, another option is to get a spare battery instead. Or, you can opt to choose a higher capacity battery. Either will allow you to enjoy your EVO on full capacity. But, not having to worry about running out of battery midway through a conversation or in the middle of the day. This lets you make sure that you have enough battery to last the entire day without getting the low battery signal

While there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the battery usage, and thus, extend battery life of your phone, here are some of the most useful tips around. We’ve listed down quite a bit of them so you can decide which ones you’re willing to give up for the sake of having a longer battery run time.

  1. Turn off the phone or the screen when you’re not using it.
  2. Reduce the screen brightness.
  3. Shut down the wireless services if you’re not using it.
  4. Disable animations in your window.
  5. Remove the live wallpaper. Use a dark background instead as it saves on energy.
  6. Turn off wireless when you aren’t using them. This includes GPS, wifi 4G and Bluetooth.
  7. Reduce home widgets. Pick only the ones you need.
  8. Shut off the sounds for touch.
  9. Disable wireless notifications.
  10. Turn off auto sync if you don’t need it.

You Can Buy The EVO 4G In HTC’s Online Store for $199.99, $299.99, $549.99

With the HTC EVO 4G formally released, its site is also now ready to take your orders. Do note that the product is also available in Best Buy, Sprint and Walmart. So, you do get a few options to where you want to buy it from.

As you would expect, the first option for retailers is to offer you the phone along with a 2 year plan. This is the cheapest option at $199. They make it more enticing for customers to buy it from them buy putting it at a steep discount.

But, it’s not the only option. If you aren’t interested in a new contract, you can likewise get the phone for $299 with a contract extension. This costs a little more since you aren’t getting a brand new contract with them. It is, however, still cheaper than if you were to just get the phone without any plans attached to it. For that you’ll need to pay the full price tag of $549. That’s the retailers’ way of getting you onboard with them since you’ll be a recurring customer should you opt for the plan.

Many of the big box retailers also don’t promote the fact that they offer the $249 and $549 options. This makes you more likely to take the new contract plan at $199. But, be sure, that there are other options.

If you don’t like to have to leave the house to get your phone, you can go straight to the HTC website. They also sell their phones there. HTC is more upfront with their promotion of the different plans. So, you’ll see all the plans listed there.

Buying it from the HTC site also come with free shipping on all of the plans. There is one downside to buying it from HTC though. That is, you’ll get your phone later. According to the site, shipments will be made on June 4. This will be a few weeks behind compared to if you were to get it from the stores. The idea of doing so is to reduce the competition with its retail partners. Allowing them time ahead reduces the competition on their part.

While you do have this option, we do think it’s wise to preorder ahead of time if you plan to do so. The EVO 4G is in high demand. And, based on past history, the company has had a hard time matching demand. This means if they run out quickly after launch, you may need to wait for quite a bit before getting your hands on your new phone.

HTC EVO 4G Camera Photography

I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that one of the coolest things about today’s phones are the camera’s that they come with. Every release that comes out seems to have higher quality, higher definition camera installed with it.

The HTC EVO 4G isn’t any different. The phone comes with a nice 8 megapixel back camera that shoots high quality large pixel images.

This is great because if you’ve tried taking images with your phones before, you can quickly say that they’re nowhere close to the quality we have to today.

When it comes to photography with your EVO, the best results still come out with brightly lit shots. This is especially true with natural sunlight whether you’re indoors or outdoors. We do prefer the outdoors because you get the light all around. Indoors, on the other hand, may only get some lighting from certain angles or areas.

That said, the camera that fits into the EVO works well also in indoors. In low lighting you’ll want to make sure to use the flash. Otherwise, you can end up with darker images. This is something we’ve learned and seen with photos taken by other people as well.

Unlike regular cameras, what’s great about taking photos with your mobile phone is that it’s so easy. And, because we carry our phones with us everywhere nowadays, it becomes convenient. Anytime you see something photo-worthy, you can just snap a quick shot and you’ll have a nice image digitally that you can easily transfer to your computer.