How to Put the HTC EVO 4G in Silent Mode

If you’ve been using your EVO 4G for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t have a silent mode. This means in order to do so you’d have to manually do it by going into your smart phone’s sound settings. For quickly or temporary purposes that can be quite irritating since you’ll need to switch the sound back on after a short while.

Unfortunately, there is not hardware solution for this. So, it isn’t going to be a quick fix. What most of us do is to use a widget from the Android market to turn the phone silent quickly.

Here there are quite a few options including the Silent Mode Widget. There’s also Beautiful Widgets form HTC which gets the job done.

You can take a look at the different widgets available in the Android market to see which one you like best. While it may be a bit of hassle to do so, it’s much better than having go into your menu and set the sound down.

Another manual option is to bring volume all the way down to zero until it goes into vibrate mode. From there press the power button to choose silent.

If you don’t like installing a widget, we’ve found that the simplest way is to click on the power button for a couple of seconds. This will cause a menu to pop up. From the menu, select silent mode.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be able to quickly turn off the sound for your HTC EVO. Once whatever you’ve done is finished, you can easily turn the sound back on.

Mod Version of HTC EVO 4G Charging With Palm Touchstone

A lot of people will admit to you that among the Palm Pre’s top accessories includes its Touchstone dock. This is a cool looking charging station that lets you recharge your Palm Pre. The charger does a whole lot of other things which makes many of us want it.

So, if you happen to own an HTC EVO 4G, and like to be able to charge your device using the Palm Touchstone, here’s some good news. It can be done. We’ve seen the video of the charger running alongside the HTC handset refueling its battery.

The exact details of how to go about it isn’t clear as the modder hasn’t provided anyone with information on how they were able to achieve the feat. But, what he has divulged is that he took about 30 minutes to get the two incompatible devices working harmoniously together.

The good news is, for anyone who’s thinking of trying it out, is that he says it can be done in 5 to 10 minutes time.

According to him, the two products are working well together. And, he hasn’t experienced any issues from them. There has been no overheating or signs of incompatibility so far. In fact, he’s mentioned that he felt that there was more heat being produced when the micro USB cable was being used to charge the handset.

So while the exact steps on how to get things done isn’t available yet, we now know that you can get the HTC EVO 4G working fine and dandy with the Palm Pre Touchstone.

Review: Magnetic macro lens for HTC EVO 4G

Building upon the already spectacular EVO’s 8 megapixel camera, a new macro lens accessories specifically made for the HTC EVO 4G takes it a notch up.

While it’s capable of taking excellent photos, the HTC EVO isn’t able to take true macros.

But now, with the help of the new macro lens that can be mounted via magnet for cameras and mobile phones, you’ll be able fix this drawback.

The attachment does look and feel a bit weird. But if you’re more into function than form, then it shouldn’t be a problem. That’s because with the macro lens attached, it improves image quality significantly.

Note that there are a number of different brands and models available. You can check them out on retailers like Amazon or online stores like EBay.

We particularly like the lenses with the wide and macro combinations. This lets you use the wide angle or macro lens individually. If you’re less concerned about the wide angle feature, then you can opt for the macro only lenses as well.

The wide angle lens is held onto the phone via metal rings. This lets you enjoy a wider horizontal image. You do need the ring in place otherwise the lens won’t hold due to its weight. That is, unless you want to hold it in place as you take your picture.

Unlike the wide angle lens, you’ll be able to keep the macro lens in place without the rings. This makes it much easier to use and more appealing to look at.

When it comes to usage, it’s pretty straightforward. You’ll take photos like you normally would. Aim the phone’s camera onto the subject, allow it to focus. Then, take the shot.

HTC HD2 Car Mount Mod to Fit EVO 4G

When it comes to phone accessories manufacturers make sure that even their own models will use different tools. This makes you more likely to buy more accessories from them instead of reusing the same ones between different phones.

One instance is the HTC HD2 and the HTC EVO 4G. Both are from the same manufacturer. And, they’re fairly similar when it comes to looks. But, they’re different phones. And, fitting them into the same docks isn’t possible.

However, that didn’t stop HTCpedia from modding the HD2’s car mount to allow it to accommodate the EVO 4G. This is a cool adjustment which lets you use the same car kit for a different device.

There were some significant modifications made though to allow this type of conversion. Among them are the location of the USB port as well as the swivel. The changes allow for the dock to accommodate the different locations of the EVO 4G.

Nevertheless, it’s a cool mod to say the least.

HTC EVO Seido Innocase II Surface Combo Review

Today we’re reviewing the Platinum Series with Holster case for the HTC EVO 4G. This accessory looks like a cool addition that will let you clip your phone to you belt. The casing will also offer some extra protection in addition to making your device much easier to carry with you.

Our initial impression is that you get a good fit that makes it easy to insert and remove the EVO 4G from the case. The Seido case has a full black design. It is light and slim as well. We also like that it allows the phone to breathe with the extra holes around it.

The holes are likewise strategically positioned right at the ports making it easy to plug any of the connectors to your phone while it’s in the case.

One of the things we like about it is it offer protections. Remember when you just drop your phone on the table? Doing isn’t always kind to the screen or camera lens. With the case, the extra later keeps the glass areas away from hitting any surface.

In addition to the support, the case also comes with locking mechanisms. This clips the phone in place so it doesn’t drop. It also lets you know that you’ve inserted it enough to ty secure.

On the inside there is soft material to make sure that your phone stays in pristine condition. This keeps the frame of your phone from scratching any of the plastic edges in the case.

Overall, we really like the fit and feel of it. You not only get a secure fit it also keeps the phone well protected.

Now, for the clip. The slip looks nice. We’re not particularly fan plastic clip though this looks appealing. The spring allows the clip to be inserted through objects then lock into place whether it will be your belt or your pant pocket.

Priced at $24.95, this is something that we really like. For us, it’s quite difficult to match what this accessory offers for the 4G. You not only get something practical which lets you easily carry your phone. It is also good looking and keeps your phone protected.

Splash Intense 5400mAh External Battery Pack Review

Battery power is always an issue when it comes to digital devices. The reality is, batteries are what make tech companies money, at least most of them.

So, you’re not going to see a lot of mobile phone companies invest a ton of time and research to give you a long running battery. Sure, they’ll give you something that works well.

The problem with that is technology moves so fast. So each new device that comes ou needs more power to run more powerful microprocessors and circuits. The reason is that we want o be be able to run faster, more sophisticated apps. This is especially true with video and graphics intensive programs.

Thus, what happens is that the battery power that gets put into the phones that are distributed aren’t going to be able turn a whole lot of time before having to be recharged.

Now, I’m not saying that the HTC EVO 4G’s battery is bad. It has good run time. But, if you’re most people you’re going to try an see if there’s any battery that can reduce how much time and frequently you have to charge your phone.

Here’s were the Splash Intense 5400mAh External Battery Pack comes in. In this review, we’ll look at how this add on battery will let your phone run for days without having to stop and recharge. Best part of it is that the Splash battery pack looks nice and sleek too. So, you don’t have an ugly looking accessory that’s attached to your nice EVO 4G.

In general, the battery comes with a 5400mAh. That gives you about 3 consecutive charges in one pack. Add that to your current battery’s run time and you’ve got a long run time without having to plug your phone.

Here are our thoughts. One, it looks nice and pairs well with the HTC EVO. Secondly, we also like how long it’s able to extend battery life.

One thing we observed is that it takes quite a while to recharge. Definitely not quick by any means. Another thing we noticed is that if you’re running programs while allowing it charge, it’s even slower in charging.

That said, the run time eliminated your need to have to bring your charger with you anytime you spend a good amount of time away from home. This is a big plus in terms of not having to worry about whether you can find an outlet to plug it into for charging.

I also like that there are a lot ways you can plug the device. It comes with mini USB, micro USB, iPhone plug and others. So, there’s no problems there.

HTC EVO 4G Touchscreen Issues on Flat Surfaces

If you’ve been using your HTC EVO for a while now you may or may not have noticed its touchscreen heaving strangely.

To be more specific, in certain instances, it works perfectly. That is, following you finger’s every move, swipe and click. But, on certain occasions, it just doesn’t respond.

If you have, then you’re not alone, It seems that some of the HTC EVO handsets that came out have an issue with the touchscreen not being grounded properly.

What does that mean?

It means that is certain surfaces, your touchscreen will work like it is designed to do. But in other surfaces, the glitch takes effects.

Various users have tested and found that the EVO’s touchscreen works very well without any hitches when its on a non-flat surface. That is, if you’re holding it in your hand and using your other hand to control the touchscreen. It also works flawlessly when you place it on your lap for example.

Anything that isn’t a flat surface works well.

But, place your phone down on the floor or a desk. Then, try doing anything with the touchscreen. You’ll probably see it behave poorly with little responsiveness.

So we now know that this is defect. The question is, when does the fix actually come out. For that you’ll just have to stay tuned to any announcements.

Here’s How to Use a Palm Touchstone Wireless Charger With HTC EVO (Mod)

If you’ve been curious to see how the Palm Touchstone was able to work with the HTC EVO, well it’s all about being able to mod your phone to be able to do so.

Before we get started, be aware that you’ll need to do some tinkering. This means you’ll be opening up devices with your screwdriver which may or may not be something you’d like to do.

That said, the you’ll also want to check your handset’s warranty to see if doing so will void it. That will let you make a better decision on whether or not to go through the mod yourself.

We want to make sure that you’re aware that you may damage your HTC EVO or your Palm Touchstone while doing so. And, we won’t take any responsibility if such a situation arises.

So, if you curious or want to understand how such things can be done, here’s how the two different devices can be made to work together.

Of course, you will need both your HTC EVO handset and a Palm Touchstone. In addition, be ready with a screwdriver, soldering iron and connection wires. Needless to say, you’ll be opening the cases up, cutting some things and soldering connections together to get the to products to work harmoniously.

You’ll need to remove the induction coil from the battery cover. Then take out the batter and microSD cars from your EVO. You’ll need to also remove the screws behind them.

At the bottom of the HDMI and micro USB ports, you’ll need to solder the wires that you cut earlier.

From there return both the microSD and battery. Both should fit back in nicely.

Once you’re done soldering the wires to the EVO cover, you can put the cover back on and you should be ready to go.

When it’s done, it should eb able to work properly. The two devices, your HTC EVO and the Palm Touchstone should get along pretty well.