HTC EVO Car Dock Is Available Now

For those of you who like being able use your phone as you drive whether for navigation or checking the weather in the area you’re about to go to, the HTC car dock for the HTC EVO 4G is here.

It’s available at Sprint stores for around $60. This makes it quite expensive considering. The accessory’s official title is Car Upgrade Kit. And, it lets you mount your phone on the dashboard or the windshield. The unit also automatically sets you phone to navigation mode once it’s docked.

This gives you a simple screen control system where you can see the basic functions. To plug into the dock, it comes with a mini USB car adapter. This lets you plug it into your vehicle’s DC outlet while you’re driving.

It has a simple but solid build. The suction cup is also strong and big allowing it to hold the device in place without having to keep sticking it back up.

Depending on how you’ll be mounting the kit, you’ll want to do some tooling around. Playing around with it to see where it fits best in your car is something we recommend. We do like that it’s very sturdy. This not only prevents it from falling while driving, it also lets you press your phone’s screen without jarring it out of place.

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