Gmail App version 2.2.1 Changes for HTC EVO Users

With the newer updated Gmail app you’ll see some subtle changes that you may or may not like. But whichever may be the case, you’ll be seeing the changes soon when you open your mailbox.

One of the changes the look of the header. Now you’ll see all the buttons easily. This makes it simpler to hit the reply and forward buttons. If you do a lot of replying or forwarding you’ll probably be happy with the changes.

This means you’ll see these option at the header or top area instead of having to go down. This is more intuitive for us since we tend to look up rather than down when reading.

Another change is the updated Twitter app. With version 2.2.1 you get an updated authentication support. This isn’t much of a huge change. But it is one of the things you’ll notice.

Other changes are to common apps you’ll find yourself using. Amazon’s app will also get an update. And, if you look at the news and weather, both applications will also have new changes in them.

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