How to Flash a Zip File On Your HTC EVO 4G

Before we get started, it’s nice to take some time out to clear up some phone jargon. Flashing a ROM or flashing a zip may be something that you see often talked about in forums. But, what do they actually mean?

We’ve been asked many times about things like this. And, if you’re just starting out or new to the handset discussions this is probably the second most heard of thing you’re wondering about. At the top of the list is probably, “what does root or rooting mean?”

That question is for another day. For now, we’ll deal with flashing a .zip file.

To explain flashing a zip, be it folder or file is installing a file into your device, in this case an Android device namely the HTC EVO 4G. So why not just say install?

Well, flashing and installing are a bit different. Like in your PC, some files are designed to be executed. These files you can easily install on your phone. But, if you have a .zip extension for example, you won’t be able to load or install it on your phone.

Well, you could theoretically. But, it just won’t do anything because the file/s won’t run.

To get them to function the way they’re designed to you need to “load” or “install” them. This is what flashing means.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to go through the specific steps in flashing a zip into your HTC EVO.

But, before we start making changes, make sure that you make a backup. This ensures that you have something to restore and revert to in case something goes wrong.

Once the backup is done, you’ll need to install the Quick Boot on your phone. Next, get the zip file onto your handset’s SD card.

The next thing is to boot in recovery mode. Here, you’ll see a set of menu options that will let you install the file form your SD card.

After you’ve selected that, choose the file and confirm the section. This will start the installation process.

When finished all you need to do is reboot your phone.

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