Official HDMI dock for HTC EVO 4G finally available

A few months after the release of the HTC EVO 4G, we finally have the HDMI dock available. This is the official version. And, it’s available in Best Buy as well as Spring. The dock costs around $40.

The EVO is one of the first Android phones to have such a dock. This is thanks to the fact that it has an HDMI port with the device.

We like the look of the dock as it is simple, yet stylish and practical. Most importantly, it works like a charm.

The dock works right out of the box. It includes everything you need to get started. In the box, you also get a 6 foot long HDMI cable which should be enough. Installing and attaching your device to it is straightforward. It comes with easy to follow instructions that allows you to get the device up and running in a few minutes. From there, you’ll be able to watch videos on you computer or television screen.

The dock comes with a small footprint. It is slightly larger than the base of your phone. It’s also lightweight at under 4 ounces. Together, these features make it very portable, allowing you to take it with you anywhere. This lets you share your photos and videos wherever you go onto a larger screen.

To get it up and running all you need to do is plug the HDMI cable to the dock with the other end to your computer or TV. And, you’re ready. It also comes with a micro USB which allows you to charge while you’re viewing your video.

To keep the device stable on the table, it comes with rubber footing. This keeps it from sliding on surfaces. In doing so, it helps prevent your phone from dropping or falling over when plugged into the dock.

This is just one of the reasons why the HTC EVO 4G is one of the most popular Android phones around. It comes with a bright, sharp display and it loaded with features. To top all those things off, you’ll now be able to watch your videos on larger screens thanks to the affordable HDMI dock as well.

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