Radio Shack confirms HTC EVO 3D price: $199.99 with contract, $499.99 without

According the email ads being sent out by Radio Shack, the price of the upcoming HTC EVO 3D will retail at $199.99 if you get it with a new or upgraded 2 year contract. If you decide to pick up only the phone, be ready to shell out $499.99.

With the prices being confirmed, only the release date is still up in the air. With Radio Shack’s lead, you can expect Sprint and Best Buy to be taking pre-orders soon as well.

The New EVO 3D will also include the $10 premium data monthly fee that’s currently included with your EVO 4G. This will be part of the regular package.

As seen in the previous leaked system dump there will be a 3D version of The Green Hornet included. We’re not sure if this is the movie or game that’s included with the new device.

As for the Radio Shack ad, it offers other exclusives for buyers.

EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G owners will be able to trade in their phones for $100 against the price of the EVO 3D.

You also get a “Phenomenon” from the Black Eyed Peas as a free song download.

So if you’re looking to get the phone, you can preorder one at either Best Buy, Sprint or Radio Shack.

How to Access the Root File System of Your HTC EVO Wirelessly

In this tutorial we’re going to access the HTC EVO 4G’s data using your computer. To make things more challenging we’ll be doing it wirelessly. This will let you manage all your files that are stored in your smartphones microSD cards via your PC, which is quite cool.

To begin the process, you’ll need to get an FTP server appl installed on your phone. From there, you’ll then have to get it mapped as a network drive in your computer’s window’s explorer.

To start things up, you’ll need to root your EVO first. If you’ve already done that they it’s time to set up the FTP server which will allow you to access your fils

Once you’ve gotten the initial steps finished, start the app on your phone and set the username and password. You’ll also need to set the system to be writable in order to be able to provide you with permissions to change the information.

There’s a bit of a kink in the installation process. So, you may need to try and install a few times to get the installation to go correctly. When you’ve got that done, tap of start again. This will begin running the server. You’ll see the status change to ‘running’ once it does so.

Now, it’s time to map your phone’s SD data into your your PC as a network drive. Depending on how your desktop is set up you’ll need to choose the drive letter and connect to the network location. Once you’ve done so, type in the FTP server location.

This will allow you to see your phone’s drive in explorer.

This is a bit of a process. But, it will let you easily manage your phone’s contents with your computer which is kind of cool.