Skype 2.0 Now Running on HTC EVO 4G

If you’re been waiting to be able to make free phone calls using your phone’s Wi-Fi, you’ve now got it. For the longest time, Skpe hasn’t been available to HTC EVO users because it isn’t in the list of supported devices.

After a long wait, it is now here and Skype 2.0 with video calling is said to work with HTC EVO 4G. The recently released official Skype 2.0 for Android now comes with a number of new supported phones. While HTC EVO devices still aren’t among the list. All is not lost since there is a cool hack that allows you toe use the Skype 2.0 version on five different HTC phones including the EVO 3D, EVO 4G, ThunderBolt, Flyer and Sensation 4G.

For those who are Samsung users, it also now supports the Galaxy Tab. This is good news in that you’ll be able to run the popular chat program on your phone. As long as you have Wi-Fi and the person you’re calling also has it, then you can connect to one another using Skype and save the money. This is much better than phone calls since you’ll also be able to see one another as you talk.

In order to get Skype working on your phone, you’ll need to download the .apk file. Then install into your phone. You may need to take out the old version of Skype on your phone if you happened to install one.

Happy Skypeing!

HTC EVO 4G Gingerbread Update Causes Netflix Problems

If you like watching Netflix on your HTC EVO, then you may not want to update to Gingerbread just yet. It seems that the current update can cause Netflix to bog down.

We’ve seen and heard many users have problems playing videos on Netflix right after they upgraded to the newer Gingerbread.

Netflix has acknowledged the issue. So, we know that it is aware of the problem. However, they haven’t come up with a fix to the bug. Thus, if you’re lucky enough to not have downloaded and updated your OS yet, it may be a good idea to hold off for just a bit more.

So far, we it seems that the Netflix problem has to do with the playback. Everything looks normal when you click on the app. It starts and loads everything like it should. The app will also let you search through the videos to let you choose which one you want to watch.

Once you do, it will seem like everything’s working fine. But, this is where the problem happens. The video just won’t play. This leaves you hanging at the edge waiting for the video to start showing. But it never does.

What we do know is Netflix saying that the problem lies with the Gingerbread update. It also says it’s currently working on a fix. But, there’s no information on when this will actually happen or be released.

Get Netflix up and running on your new HTC EVO 3D

After waiting in line to get the new HTC EVO 3D, you may be a little disappointed that the device with all its features and niceties doesn’t come with Netflix’s streaming service. After all, that’s one of the things you looked forward to with the better display.

The HTC EVO 3d with its three dimensional display and long running battery are in fact perfect of the running better videos. In addition it also comes with the responsive Sense 3.0 software which makes screen control much easier.

Of course you get with that that the dual stage camera which provides high quality picture taking.

So what’s the deal?

While it isn’t directly obvious to consumers, you’ll actually be able to enjoy the delectable streaming service and the videos on demand. It does take a bit of fiddling around the device to figure out how to get it out and running. But from there, you’ll be able to watch your favorite movies streaming on the EVO 3D. So, relax, sit back and enjoy it.

To run the Netflix apk on your EVO,

  1. Make sure that your phone is able to install apps from unknown sources. You’ll need to have this feature enabled. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download Netflix. To get there, click on the menu button on your home screen.
  2. Then choose settings, and applications. Finally, check the Unknown Sources settings.
  3. Now, download the Netflix app. It is free to get in the Android market for EVO 4G users.
  4. Lastly, install the application. You can do this in one of two ways.
  5. One is to save the download in your phone’s SD card. Then use a file explorer to install the app.

Another option is to send the file as an attachment to your Gmail. From there install it. This saves you space in your SD card.

So there you have it. Once installed you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies from Netflix’s streaming service.

Get a Seidio ACTIVE or CONVERT Combo case Free for Your HTC EVO 3D

The HTC EVO 3D is being released today which means that you now have a chance to win two great cases from Seido that nicely fit your new HTC EVO 3D.

The two phone cases work very well with the EVO 3D and they look great as well. The ACTIVE costs around $30 while the CONVERT Combo case retails about $50.

These are two nice cases and you’ll have a change to get your hands on one of them for free. Yes, you heard it right. The Seido cases will be given away to lucky winners who can enjoy their new HTC EVO 3D phones with a new sleek protective case that looks cool as well.

To give you more information about these two products here are some brief information about them.

Seido ACTIVE Case for the HTC EVO 3D

This casing come with an ultra slim design. This makes it nice to look at without being too bulky when you put it on. The case is designed to protect your phone from scratches so that it looks pristine.

Strategic cut outs are also present in the case allowing you to access controls, ports, speakers, microphones and cameras. This let you use your phone while its in the case, so you don’t need to take it out if you want to press a few buttons or use the mic or speakers.

Seidio CONVERT Combo Case for the HTC EVO 3D

This combo case is also designed to fit the HTV EVO 3D to a tee. It comes with a screen guard to make sure that your device’s screen stays safe. The case is also rugged so it can take a bit of a beating while still keeping your phone protected.


You now have your EVO 4G phone for a while now and with the upcoming release of the EVO 3D soon you may want to take a closer look at the two to see which one is a better device.

The two devices are of course made by HTC. So, you’ll obviously see some similarities between the two both in style and features. That said, it doesn’t make sense for a manufacturer to release a new model that’s too close to a top selling one. After all, doing so will only cannibalize your own market.

So, if you’re curious or wondering whether or not you should be getting the EVO 3D take a closer look at what we have below. This will help you decide between the two phones.

To start, both have the same screen size at 4.3 inches. But, the EVO 3D offers a better resolution giving you 960 x 540 whereas you get 800 x 480. The latter is still great as you have seen from the photos we’ve taken with it.

In addition the display itself are different. The 3D comes with super LCD display whereas the 4G uses TFT LCD.

As you would guess the microchips running their CPUs are likewise different. Both use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon but the 3D uses the S3 version while the 4G has the S1 model there. This means you’re able to run the faster 1.2 GHz Scorpion CPU of the 3D compared to the 1.0 GHz model in the 4G.

The difference also increases because of the processing power. You get dual cores running with the newer EVO but only a single CPU core with the 4G.

RAM also doubles to 1GB with the 3D which you’ll need because you’ll be using more graphic and data intensive apps now.

All in all, you can say that the EVO 3D comes up much better in all aspects. You get a bigger screen, more power and RAM. Battery also goes up along with the Wi-Fi. The only one where the change doesn’t happen as much is the camera both having 1.3 MP quality.