HTC Blames Sprint for Carrier IQ on HTC EVO 3D and 4G

With the revelation of Carrier IQ and how it invades privacy, we’re now seeing HTC along with carriers deflect the blame onto someone else. Or, at the very least come up with their sides of the story to defend themselves from what’s about to come.

That is, an investigation into Carrier IQ by Senator Al Franken.

For its part HTC has released an official statement. The statement below basically says they don’t have any fault in it. Instead, they’re placing all the blame on phone carriers.

Here’s a copy of the statement.

“Carrier IQ is required on devices by a number of U.S carriers so if consumers or media have any questions about the practices relating to, or data collected by, Carrier IQ we’d advise them to contact their carrier.

It is important to note that HTC is not a customer or partner of Carrier IQ and does not receive data from the application, the company, or carriers that partner with Carrier IQ. HTC is investigating the option to allow consumers to opt-out of data collection by the Carrier IQ application.”

This is a good move by HTC to separate themselves from the mess. By shifting blame, they’re able to deflect any attacks from themselves onto the phone carriers.

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