HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE Finally Cleared By US Customs

The current shipment of HTC EVO 4G delay has everyone asking when the phones will be available. Now, there’s some good news to bring to the table as some of the products that were stuck in customs have gotten clearance. This will let them get through US Customs after being delayed.

Earlier, there have been news that customs reviews are causing the delay of the new devices. This has prevented the company from moving forward with its planned release date. As a result, pushing back the launch until they’re able to get their items clear of the customs.

After a lot of wait, the devices seem to be coming in slowly through the review. This is in contrast to earlier in May when they weren’t allows to get through at all. Still, it may take a bit of time before the entire shipment comes through considering the lengthy extra checkups that’s being conducted I customs.

In addition to the HTC EVO 4G, the HTC One X is also stuck there. One of the questions being raised is why the products are actually not getting though. And, why they require “reviews”.

Among the possibilities is Apple’s current complaint about its patent regarding data detection. This possibility of infringement is the main reason why the shipment was indefinitely delated earlier in May. The agency is currently thoroughly investigating the patent issues. So, until they’re completely satisfied, which they seem like is happening, you won’t see the release of the new phones in stores till then.

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