Food And Cooking Apps You Should Absolutely Have On Your Phone

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Besides texting, making calls and checking social media, one of the most common uses of smartphones is helping busy moms make dinner. This can be a tasking chore considering you’ve already made breakfast and lunch earlier that day. In addition, you’ve spent the last 6 to 8 hours working and doing other important tasks.

To make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best food and recipe apps that are available on your phone. These must have apps will help you do everything from plan your meals, shop ahead of time and cook them.

They’ll also let you take a break once in a while by helping you find the perfect food delivery service that brings dishes from your favorite restaurants to your dining room table.

And, for those special occasions, they take the headache out of reserving a table at the nice places you love.

Best Food And Cooking Apps You Must Have On Your Phone


Yummly is a free app that lets you search over 2 million recipes you can follow at home. With over 30 million users around the world, it is one of the most popular recipe apps around. And, for good reason.

Yummly takes you through each step of the process. It starts from searching through all sorts of recipes. They also let you filter the dishes based on your diet, nutritional needs, type of cuisine, source and cooking time.

Once you’ve found the recipe you like, it will help you plan as well as ready a shopping checklist for you to go through.

Of course, it guides you through the entire cooking process as well.


If you don’t have time to cook your meals yourself, or want to eat out for certain occasions, Zomato is another free app that will help you do just that.

It has a database of different restaurants, their menus and reviews from customers. You can see each customer’s rating and review. And, to help you see what they think as a whole, Zomato compiles all the rating scores to give you a cumulative score of each restaurant.

The app and its companion website help over 100 million visitors find the best restaurants around the world. Well, actually they operate in 24 countries. But, that’s still a lot.


If you like dining in mid to high end restaurants where the reservations can be hard to get, OpenTable makes things a bit easier.

This free app partners with fine dining restaurants around the world to help you score a reservation for those special occasions. Or, when you just want to splurge on yourself.

Their list of eating establishments isn’t as extensive as Zomato or say Yelp. But, they focus more on the high end casual to fine dining restaurants.

This lets you save time and effort in trying to get a restaurant reservation at your favorite place. Reservations are completely free, and OpenTable has a set of allotted reservations for their users. So, you know you’ll be able to get a spot in.


Okay, so you’re short on time but also don’t want to go out to eat. Just order in with Foodora. Foodora is a food delivery service that partners with local restaurants. This makes it easy for you to order different foods without leaving your couch.

If different family members like ordering from different places, the app makes it so much easier than having to call two to three different restaurants for delivery.

Foodora, which is known as Food Panda in certain parts of the world, is available in over 260 cities. They use bikes or scooters to deliver their food using delivery personnel wearing pink outfits. That makes them hard to miss.

Happy Cow

While many restaurant search apps come with filters, they don’t always give you the best results. That’s because they base their searches on tags that users or their employees make.

So, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian and don’t like sifting through the huge lists that generic restaurant finding apps spew out, try Happy Cow.

Happy Cow collects only vegan and vegetarian restaurant information. Their guide lets you search through their database to help make it easier to find the right restaurant for you at home or when your abroad. This way you don’t sacrifice your diet.

In addition to restaurants, they also include markets and stores where you be able to find these healthy foods. This lets you quickly find places to buy non-meat alternatives to use in your meals.


If you’re trying to eat healthy and want to make sure that you’re getting the right foods in, you can use FoodSwtich to help you quickly tell if a product is for you or not.

FoodSwitch is a food app that’s able to read barcodes from food packaging. This label allows it to scan through its database and tell you the exact breakdown of its nutritional data.

So, in a few seconds, you’ll be able to see how much carbs, sugar, fat as well as the types of fat a specific food has. This makes it so much easier to decide which is good for you.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a smart app that helps recommend the prefect recipe for you. Like many recipe apps, it has a database of all sorts of dishes. This comes from its parent company Allrecipes.

What makes it different is that it comes with a smart feed that not only recommends meals that you like. But, over time, it learns from your past choices to further narrow down the recipes it suggests in the feed as time goes by.

Of course, it comes with all the other essential features of most recipe apps. These include search and filtering capability depending on what food, dietary restrictions and other things you may want.

It also comes with complete step by step instructions on how to prepare and cook your dinner.


Let’s face it. At some point in time, we all had to go through some trial and error to learn how to cook. To help you get through the process much faster, SideChef offers a guide to different recipes that will help you get better from start to finish.

It helps you plan your, make a shopping list, and follow a step by step recipe. In addition, its guides help you learn how to properly poach an egg, cook a steak to perfect medium rare and a whole lot of other techniques.

The app comes with voice guidance to help make things more intuitive.

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