Gardening & Lawn Care: Patio, Lawn & Garden Tools & Equipment

Looking for gardening and lawn care products? Here’s our index of different tools and equipment that will help you keep your patio, lawn and gardens in tip top shape.


Gardening Tools

Below are the different tools that will help you with various gardening chores. They’ll help you keep the soil, grass and plants in your yard looking green and fresh all year long.

Rear Tine Tillers


String and Hedge Trimmers

For your cutting and trimming needs, here are some very useful yard equipment that will help keep weeds, hedges, shrubs and lawns neat and tidy.

Pole Hedge Trimmers



For some down time, how about hanging on your very own hammock in your backyard. These accessories are perfect for relaxing and de-stressing during your free time or on weekends.

Hammocks are also perfect for any outdoor adventure. You can take them camping, hiking or backpacking and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hammock Straps

Hammock Tarps & Rain Flys

Hammock Underquilts

Sleeping Pads For Hammocks

Hammock Bug Nets & Mosquito Nets


Lawn Mowers, Tractors and Accessories

Lawn mowers and tractors are perfect for helping you keep your entire lawn neat and clean. Choose from the variety of lawn mowers to see which ones fit the size of your front or back yard.

Riding Lawn Mowers for Hills

High Lift Mower Blades


Swimming Pools, Above Ground Pools and Pool Accessories

To help you stay cool especially during the warm summer months, here are some swimming pools and pool accessories that will fit great into your backyard.

You can choose from all sorts of pools from above ground options to tools and equipment to help keep your swimming pool clean and sanitzed.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners


Saws, Log Splitters & Cutting Equipment

Need to chop up wood, twigs or branches? Here’s an assorted of different power tools that work well for trees and branches of different sizes. See which types of chainsaws, saws or wood splitters you may need.

Chainsaws Under $200

Chainsaws under $300

Top Handle Chainsaws

Gas Pole Saws

Folding Saws for Pruning and Bushcrafting

Wet Tile Saws

Manual Log Splitters

Electric Log Splitters

Gas Log Splitters 

Log Splitters for the Money

Log Splitters Under $1000



To make sure that your home never runs out of power, this section provides you different power generator options. These are perfect for areas where blackouts can happen or if you live a bit away from the city.

10,000 Watt Generators

Dual Fuel Generators

Generators for Travel and Camping Trailers

Generators for Food Trucks

RV Inverter Chargers

Pure Sine Wave Inverters



Water pumps are a necessity if your don’t live in the city. They’ll help provide you with water and keep water away from your home as well, depending on the type of pump you have.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Backup Battery Sump Pumps

Water Powered Sump Pumps


Pressure Washers

Spend less time cleaning your car, driveway, porch or deck thanks to the handy pressure washer. This will help get rid of stubborn stains and marks on walls and floors so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort doing so manually.

Commercial Pressure Washers


Metal Detectors

For fun and adventure, these metal detectors are perfect for spending time in your yard, park or beach searching for lost treasure. They’ll help you find coins, jewelry and other artifacts that have been lost somewhere along the way.

Beach Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors for Kids

Underwater Metal Detectors