11 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Home and Yard

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Traditional gardens are flat with all the plants on the ground. If you don’t have a lot of space or want to add more life to areas of your home or yard higher up, here are some insanely creative vertical garden ideas you can use.

Vertical gardens have become more popular lately because more and more people are moving into smaller homes. As the price of real estate goes up and urban population increasing, you don’t get a lot of ground space to work with.

But, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to plant wonderful flowers, herbs and greens.

Creative Vertical Garden Ideas for Your Home and Yard

1. Wall Garden

Use this wall garden as a beautiful décor for your home. It works perfectly for living rooms or large hallways.

Not only does it add more color to your home it also makes it more breathable since plants improve the oxygenation of a room.

You can use this natural wall in place of paintings or pictures to lighten up any room in your home.

2. Hanging Pot Garden

If you have a small yard or want to add some life into your porch or deck, why not hang a pot garden on the exterior walls of your home.

You can metal, wood or other materials as the stand depending on how you want it to look. This lets you add more color and your own touch to your home’s look.

3. Vertical Pallet Garden

Do you have some old pallets hanging around? Instead of throwing them away, why no use them for your plants. They can easily rest against any wall or sturdy surface, allowing you to hang different plants on them the way you like it.

This DIY vertical garden is much easier than some of the others in our list because you won’t need to bring out a hammer, nails or any other work tools.

4. Stacked Crates for Edible Greens

Show off your creativity by stacking your plants or edible greens alternately. Using crates, you’ll be able to create a nifty design that’s not only attractive to the eye, but also very practical for any home garden.

What’ great about this is that you can arrange them in any way you want, place different plants and add your own finishing touches to the crates. You can paint them, add décor or use different colors to give them your own personal touch.

5. Hanging Herb Garden

Want to add something to areas of home near the windows? Try hanging pots.

They definitely change the entire look of the room by adding more life and reducing blank spaces. Having herbs or flowers hanging near these areas make them less boring. And, the plants are able to get their share of sunlight every day.

6. Rain Gutter Vertical Garden

Don’t know what to do with old rain gutters? Why not repurpose them.

Most rain gutters are designed to be heavy duty. So, when a section breaks, the others still work well. So, you can just saw off the damaged section and re-use the rest.

This is a quick and easy way to add a vertical garden that hangs from walls using something that you would have otherwise thrown away.

7. DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden

This space-saving vertical garden isn’t only very practical, it’s insanely beautiful. It easily blends in with any green surroundings and lets you add an extra piece of furniture.

What’s great about it is you can do it yourself. Or, let you husband do it. It’s a great way for him to get active around the house and make use of his hands.

We love this outdoor vertical garden because you can place it anywhere. It can be set against a wall or to separate different areas of your patio or yard. You can also use it to adorn blank areas around your home or as a decoration for larger decks.

8. Colorful Hanging Pots

Here’s an incredible way to add some personal touch to your garden. Why not hang some pots in your yard and paint them the way you want?

It’s a wonderful way of putting your own style into the design. And, you can have the kids join along in painting the pots as well.

9. Kitchen Herbs

For home chefs who like to use healthy or organic herbs in their dishes, with is a tasteful way of sprucing up your kitchen while easily getting hold of your herbs.

It’s definitely much more convenient than having to go out to your backyard then come back in to use the edible herbs in your dishes.

10. DIY Home Hanging Garden

This is a nice DIY project for anyone into woodworking or home carpentry. All you need is some basic skill and you’ll have yourself a beautiful indoor hanging garden.

This is an amazing way to lighten up a room or fill up a blank wall. You can likewise place the small pots in the kitchen and use them to grow edible herbs. This makes them easy to access when cooking.

11. Vertical Herb Planter

This is a cool idea if you don’t have a lot of extra space in your yard and don’t want to hand your plants. With it you’ll be able to stack up your herbs, flowers and other plants in nice and neat manner. Plus, they’re set on a diagonal that allows them all to receive direct sunlight and water.

Depending on how well you know carpentry, you can make the planter yourself or get is already made.

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